New Market, Alabama
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My dream home in 2008 But fate would have itTo be a nightmare instead

Oh the dread I did not know was ahead!

First someone draining their pool in my backyardThen cracked brick, not once but twiceAnd oh, not to mention the walls insideWhere I would abideThe thumps, the creeks, and the house starting to slide To one side.

I sought for helpBut backs were turnedA new home ruinedAnd no solace anywhereI turned to many saying please Offer help But they turned deaf ears Or just totally ignoredI thought this strange,Too strange for meTo understandNot one helping hand?

Too many crooks in this worldThe spirit of greedJust overwhelms.Is there justice for those who have less?No wonder the world's in such a mess!

This has been no game, ya'llAnd it's a doggone shameI am so appalledThat this house has me sickThat the burden of proof did not stick.

People cheat and lieOthers just stand bySticking together to rob sister and brotherNo conviction anywhereJust do or damned To make the mighty dollar.

BUT, someday they will certainly payFor the seeds they sow Will come back toSlap them in the faceWith no mercy or grace.

Yep, the house that *** builtHas been patched and gluedBrought sorrow and painTo my disdainInstead joy and laughterAnd peace in full.

Yet, I move on, for God hasGreater things in storeI can't dwell here or in the pastFor I do have peaceThat will last in spite ofThis house and the painThat it has been.

But the house didn't build itselfJust people who are so unfair and cruel.

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