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When I moved into my home it was newly built. Over the last six years I've been in the house I have had nothing bit problems. First thing I noticed when the house settled, it caused a long Crack across my ceiling in the family room. Also, a Crack going down the wall under the window. I had a pipe burst in my bathroom ceiling. Causing water damage to my floors in the master bath. They had to pull up my flooring and I had to replace the sheet rock... Read more

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Hunter homes is smoke and mirrors. Do not recommend this company at all poorly built home can not sell you lose equity. Hunter homes should be investigated for fraud.

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I read this and get sad. Been in my hunter home on sagebrook for 8years now and could not be happier whith my house. Never had a problem with it. I actually want to buy another hunter home for my retirement. They are the best deal out there. Read more

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I was just looking into purchasing a Hunter Home in Boise! I will look elsewhere after seeing these problems! Who wants an HOA when you are a homeowner? Who wants Sewage problems, AC problems?? Cracking walls? Sounds like these homes were not build properly! I have already purchased a home (15 years ago) and a condo over a year ago... I have family in friends in the construction business that know the "do's and don'ts". Hunter homes are... Read more

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The first year the cracking of the walls and ceilings the air conditioner and heater both went out, Not to mention the entire subdivision was not told about a sewage company in birmingham and after 5yrs they located us and told us we owed back pay for sewage because hunter homes failed to disclose the subdivision. These homes are awful the walls are very thin and the model home is not what you end up getting the side walks were not there the... Read more

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I've been in my house for almost five years and last year a had a pipe behind the wall in my garage that leaked in my garage. Just a few days ago I had another pipe to leak behind the wall in my bathroom I spoke to the plumber he said it was because of poor workmanship. Since I've been in my house I'm constantly having problems first was the heating system and now plumbering. I would not recommend anyone buy a Hunter Home! I wish I knew of some... Read more

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We built our first home last year in 2012. In the first year everything started going wrong, my bathroom floor caved in the only thing they did was patch it up. My cooling system did not work properly they came out 8 times and we continued to have problems. They only give you a 1 year warranty. In your second year they give you a limited warranty you have to pay for someone to come out and also you have to pay for installation. I feel they have... Read more

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Hunter Homes - Not My Dream Home
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THIS IS THE HOUSE THAT *** BUILT YA'LL…10/18/20012 My dream home in 2008 But fate would have itTo be a nightmare instead Oh the dread I did not know was ahead! First someone draining their pool in my backyardThen cracked brick, not once but twiceAnd oh, not to mention the walls insideWhere I would abideThe thumps, the creeks, and the house starting to slide To one side. I sought for helpBut backs were turnedA new home ruinedAnd no solace... Read more

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Hunter Homes is a builder company located in Huntsville, Alabama. They're supposed to give u the best prices in town to build a new home that's energy-star certified. Wrong...if the scores are not at a 90, they're supposed to fix whatever and retest to get a score of 90 or above to be energy-star certified. Well, they test, fail, but still sell you the home with failing score. And even though their prices are so cheap, it's... Read more

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